CentralAlert Signaler – New Home Alert System


Model: CA-360QK

Stay safe and connected at home, Get instant alerts for household sounds and alarms.

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  • PRACTICAL; The CA-360Q home alert system features a wireless doorbell for home use as well as a bed shaker; What’s more, this remote doorbell unit also features a flashing notification light so you can be alerted of the wireless bell when someone’s at your door even if you can’t hear the loud doorbell ringing.
  • PORTABLE; More than just bed alarms for elderly people and a wireless doorbell chime, the CA-360Q home alert unit is rechargeable and fully portable throughout the home; Use it as a bedroom doorbell when you’re in your room and then take your portable doorbell out to the yard; Never miss another package delivery again no matter where you are in your home, with our remote bell for elderly and hard of hearing people.
  • VERSATILE; Not just a hearing impaired doorbell, this home alert unit can connect to a number of wireless alert sensors, transforming it into a smart information hub for your home; The
    CA-360Q emergency alert system for seniors and hard of hearing connects to NOAA warning systems, smoke and gas sensors, baby monitors and more.
  • PROFESSIONAL; The SEREONIC hard of hearing and deaf doorbell alert system has been developed by hundreds of hours of research in consultation with leading audiologists and emergency specialists; This integrated home alert system and doorbell for hearing impaired people puts your safety and peace of mind first.


Product Features

  • Various sensors alert you to your alarm clock ringing, doorbell or knocking, phone/fax calls, Smoke/CO and other audio alarms, baby cry, weather alerts, motion detectors, and more.*
  • Responds to virtually any audio alarm, including T3 or T4 tones.*
  • Wireless standard 2.4 GHz transmission technology ensures interference-free operation.
  • 150-foot radius operating range covers every corner of your home.
  • Pleasant-sounding, adjustable, high-volume audible alerts.
  • Highly visible icons that identify which sound has activated can be seen from afar.
  • Large, glowing clock face for easy viewing; brightness dims automatically at bedtime to support healthy sleep.
  • With dual alarm settings and bed shaker connections, the alarm clock is easily configured for couples.
  • Battery backup provides full operation up to 7 days in case of power outage (Battery not included).
  • Numerous accessories available for customization to meet any need.


*Accessories (sold separately) may be required for some of these functions.

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Technology…………………………..2.4 GHz Smart-Code

Phone Ringing Input……………….>40 vrms, 20 to 65 Hz

Phone Jack Type…………………….RJ-11

Bed-shaker output jack……………9VDC, 150mA

Alarm/NOAA Input Jack……………Input impedance greater than 5.6K Ohm, 15VDC Max, input (active low).

External Lamp output jack…………9VDC, 150mA

Back-up batteries……………………4 AA size NiMH batteries (user provided) Recommended >1000mAh capacity

Doorbell battery………………………(CR2032 3-Volt Lithium) Lasts 8-16 months (depending on usage)

AC Adapter output…………………..9VDC, 1000mA

Operating temperature……………..10 to 30 degrees C

Storage temperature…………………-10 to 40 degrees C


Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Q: Must I install batteries in CA-360Q?

A:  Batteries are for power outage back-up. The unit works with AC adapter and batteries are optional. It is strongly recommended that you install batteries.

Q: What type of batteries does it need?

A: Please install rechargeable NiMH batteries only. Use of regular or non-rechargeable batteries will cause battery leakage, damage unit and void the product warranty.

Q: What is the battery back-up time on CA-360Q?

A: About 7 days (normal operation, infrequent alerts)

Q: Is it alright to place CA-360Q Master unit on a metal surface?

A: No! Only place it on a non-metallic surface. A metal surface attenuates wireless signal transmission and reduces its operating range.

Q: Is the wireless doorbell water-resistant?

A: Yes, it is water resistant because it is protected with a rubber gasket. However, do not submerge in water.

Q: How long does the doorbell battery last?

A: About 8 to 16 months (depends on how often you used it). Replace battery when its transmit indicator becomes dim or if its operation becomes less consistent.

Q: How many doorbell units can my CA-360Q system support?

A: It can support a total of 4 units in any combination of doorbell (Model CA-DB), and door knock sensor (Model CA-DX).

Q: How about other accessories?

A: Refer to the table in the “Adding Wireless Sensors”. The system can support up to 10 Remote-Receivers (CA-RX), 10 Personal pagers (CA-PX), 10 audio sensors (CA-AX), 4 SOS pendants (CA-SOS), 3 Baby-Sound sensors (CA-BX), 1 Cell-phone sensor (CA-CX), and 1 NOAA sensor (CA-NOAA)

Q: I just bought an extra doorbell for my CA-360Q system, but it did not work. What do I need to do?

A: All new accessory devices must be learned or registered by a CA-360Q master-unit before they can work or be recognized.

Q: I bought four CA-360Q systems for my home. Can I combine them into a single system?

A: Yes, you can. You need to convert three of the CA-360Q units from “Master” Unit into a “Remote-Receiver” so they can be learned (or registered) into the “Master” Unit.

Q: How do I reset accessory’s low battery icon on CA-360Q?

A: Press the RESET button for 6 seconds. This is only temporary. The low battery icon will appear again when the next accessory low battery signal is received.

Q: What caused this accessory’s low battery icon to show?

A: This message is associated with registered sensor’s battery is either low, or not being turned on, or it may be placed too far from CA-360Q. Turn on its power on move the sensor closer to CA-360Q usually solve the issue.

Q: I have difficulty in registering an accessory to my CA-360Q system. What should I do?

A: Make sure the CA-360Q is in pairing mode first, and you press the test button on the accessory for at least 6 seconds when registering, until you hear CA-360Q sounds and display the confirmation.

Q: I have a large home, can I use two or more CA-360Q to increase coverage area?

A: Yes, CA-360Q and remote receivers has built-in repeater functions. Each unit can relay the signal it received to the next unit. This greatly increases effective coverage area.

Q: Why is my CA-360Q displays “AX-0” ?

A: Your CA-360Q has enabled the “General CA-AX alerts” function. It has detected a nearby CA-AX sensor signal not part of its own. Refer to earlier section on general CA-AX alerts.

CentralAlert Signaler – New Home Alert System

Available on backorder