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Our aim with this page is to equip you with information of smart devices that are being sold all over the globe that has the potential to improve an individuals daily living, providing more independence. Check out the list of items below.

Text to Speech Scanner

For people with dyslexia, reading and understanding text can be a challenge. That’s why C-PEN has created the ReaderPen Secure (RP Secure), a portable, pocket-sized reading pen that is designed to promote independent reading and understanding. It is a major technological breakthrough for workplace dyslexics.

Alarm clock with bed shaker

Geemarc Sonic Bomb – Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Tone and Volume Control, Bed Shaker and Snooze Function – for The Hard to Wake, Hard of Hearing and Deaf.

Squareglow Australia

SquareGlow offers a comprehensive range of intelligent, assistive products suitable for your home, office, or school, promising to revolutionize the lifestyle of every deaf and hard of hearing. 

Home Alert system for Deaf Australia

Visualert is the only All-in-one alert system built specifically for deaf and hard of hearing Australians that is fully customisable and fully hardwired making it a highly reliable system. The system is backed by Fire Expert Engineers in Australia and is made compliant to required Australian standards. So far we have 150+ Visualert systems installed across Australia in the residences of deaf and hard of hearing families. NDIS have approved the system for many deaf NDIS participants with the support of assessments and reports from occupational therapists and audiologists.