Assistive Tech Suppliers Pty Ltd is committed to protecting and upholding your right to privacy. Assistive Tech Suppliers Pty Ltd protects the privacy of individuals by using appropriate processes to collect, store and use information.
Our staff and management, consistently and carefully, manage what is written and said about individuals and the process taken to decide who can hear or view this information.
Information is collected and are recorded when you contact us for enquiries, so we can follow up on your query if not resolved. Usage of our website and resources available on the website are other details we collect which is also carefully managed. All information given with an application for quotes or purchases made through our website are recorded in a safe server. This information will only be used to assist the you in the future in relation to warranty replacement and refunds.
Management of Participant’s Information
Participant records are confidential. They are only available to the participant and employees directly engaged in the delivery of service to the participant. Any details provided through the website or emails are not shared with external organisations for commercial purposes. Information regarding participants is only made available to other parties with the consent of the participant. All participant records are kept on a secure password-protected server, and they are restricted to employees directly engaged in the delivery of service to a participant.