Embrace a Brighter 2024: Enhancing Accessibility for Every Australian

Our mission as an NDIS registered provider is to make it simple and easy for NDIS participants and their support network to access up-to-date, fit-for-purpose assistive technology.

Ultimately, we want to help you Thrive

Easy shopping for NDIS participants. Checkout any item using NDIS participant details and we will take care of the rest for you ! Alternatively we can also create pro-forma invoices for any items you view across the internet and can help with ordering and tracking.

We collaborate with Occupational Therapists, other Allied Health Professionals and support coordinators by sourcing products for their clients and following through with set up and training. Our research support for OTs always helped them thrive with knowledge in the area of assistive technology that can fully benefit their clients.

Owned by Got to Give Charitable Trust, we engage to support local chartable causes in Australia. With our sponsorships, give aways and our commitment towards supporting the deaf community in Australia, we have been able to help many thrive in various different areas. Our Kindness Bag project for families affected by floods in Northern NSW and South East Queensland was a huge benefit to the families.

Our innovations

Visualert™ is Australia's FIRST Hard-wired All-in-One customizable alert technology built explicitly for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Our system is commercial grade, suitable for residentials giving safe environment to our users by providing both visual and sensory notification for smoke alarms, doorbell, baby cry, duress, motion sensors,
water running sensor and more.

Watch Jason's story

Jason is one of our customers who installed the system to get notification for 
his doorbell (Green LED) as well as for smoke alarm (Red LED). The cornice LEDs of Visualert™ can be beautifully moulded into the corner of your ceilings making sure the system soothes 
into your interior design of the house.
Visual LED notifications

Our LED cornice lights used for visual notification blend in to the upper edge corner of your ceilings giving a more enhanced look for your place of residence. Visit the product website to find out more and get a quote.

Our partners

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Australia’s Healthiest Headphone

You are not going to use glasses that are not adjusted to your vision. Hence why would you use headphones that are not adapted to your hearing ? Audeara lets anyone, anywhere hear the music exactly as it is meant to be heard. It’s perfect sound, Always ! 

James Fielding

Doctor & CEO of Audeara

SquareGlow Australia

SquareGlow offers wireless home assistance products for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. Explore SquareGlow products and get the suitable technology you deserve.

Low vision and blindess solutions

We partner with HumanWare to supply and install low vision and blindness solutions to our dearest Australians. HumanWare specializes in the design and manufacture of highly intuitive and intelligent solutions for people living with vision loss or visual impairment. 

nutTAG GPS Trackers

NutTAG’s Australian-designed and built personal alarms and GPS tracking devices keep your loved ones and possessions safe with easy setup, no maintenance and affordable pricing. 

CentralAlert system for deaf-blind

CentralAlert systems are one of the best wireless home alert systems that helps notify you of events in your own home including door knock, baby crying, mobile phone sensors and more.

Services for NDIS Participants

Equipment Set Up and Training

Book an assistive tech officer through us to help NDIS Participants with any smart technology devices installation including Bellman, Ring, SquareGlow and smart CCTV devices and to train the participants to best optimise the device to meet the accessibility needs.

Assistive Tech Suppliers
Youtube Channel

Visit our YouTube channel to explore videos and images on how to use smart devices more effectively for enhanced accessibility. Discover ways to optimize your smart device’s features to suit your daily requirements.

Need help with setting up your equipment and training to best optimise your devices ?

Book an assistive tech expert today.

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We Are Thankful

As a Registered NDIS Provider, we strive to equip and empower the participants with the provision of Assistive Technology as well as training to optimise them. We believe in these technology that it will help families and individuals have a better lifestyle. We always support and are grateful for NDIS for making technologies accessible for the participants.

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