Assistive Tech Officer

iPhone Sound Recognition Alert

Check out this video explaining how to set up your iPhone as a sound recognising device for Doorbell, Smoke Alarm, Baby Cry etc.

Samsung Sound
Recognition Alert

Did you know your Samsung device can detect door bell and Baby crying sound and alert you with a notification ? Check out our video and learn how to use this helpful feature in your daily living.

How to use 'Spoken Content' feature on an iPhone

In this video we explain how to use the Spoken Content function on an iPhone for individuals who has difficulty with speech and this can help them communicate in public areas like in cafe, supermarkets etc This video is made to educate the carers and therapists who is assisting the clients and also suitable for Therapists of NDIS Participants.

How to activate in-built magnifying lens in your smartphone

A great tool to access within an iOS or Android smartphone especially for anyone struggling to read their mobile devices. Note: CC Captioning Enabled for this video.

How to use 'Select to Speak' feature on an Android device

Following the video on iOS device speech generating technique, in this video we explain how to activate a similar feature on an Android device. Select to Speak feature on Android lets you select the portion of the screen you want to be read out. Once selected it will be read automatically for you. Watch the video to learn how to activate this great tool.