Seek GPS PRO for Elderly

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NEW Ready for use right out of the box! The most advanced personal emergency location on device, for the elderly. Keeping busy families connected with tracking information and voice functionality.

Built in 3D G-sensor can be used for no movement alarm, elderly falling, power management, and more. Includes SIM Card & Service. No monthly costs! 

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Keep your loved ones safe with Australia’s No.1 GPS tracker and personal safety alarm, via your Mobile App.

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  • Friendly support to get you setup
  • No subscriptions / No contracts

Unlike others, our SIM cards are embedded in the GPS – so they are ready for use out of the box with NO monthly costs! The basic SIM plan includes 10 min of outgoing video/voice calls + data.

What’s in the box:

Seek PRO unit

Charging dock

USB charging cable& power plug

SIM Telstra or Vodafone (pre-installed SIM + 10 min of outgoing video/voice calls + data)

Ready to use straight out of the box!

Select SIM Provider

BYO-Any SIM Provider, Telstra, Optus


Black, White


4G LTE Connectivity:

Support various 4G bands, it will fall back to 3G/2G when there is no 4G coverage.

SOS Alarm:

It sends SOS alarm in real-time with the complete location details of the device if a person that is in danger presses the SOS/panic button.

Voice Prompts:

Your Guardian device will send Voice Alerts stating the status of your device, and prompts such as a call being made to an emergency contact.

Fall Down Alarm:

Be notified if a potential fall or collision has taken place. Fast alerts allow you to react promptly.

Set up Geofences & Alerts:

Set multiple Geofences and receive alerts as a device enters or exits a particular area.


Wear your Guardian device In the shower for safety and peace of mind to alert your loved ones if you find yourself in any emergency situation.

Charging Base:

You simply place your Guardian device onto the charging base and it will be ready for use In just 20 minutes.

Two-way Calling:

Use two-way calling to call your loved ones at any time, they can even call you with the touch of a button. Our basic SIM plan includes 30 min of outgoing video/voice calls + data.

Locating Technologies:

Real time tracking, up to 4 location technology: GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth and LBS.

Wireless Charging:

A QI charger provides a quick charging and easy to use.


Range:Unlimited (international SIM available)
Waterproof:IP67 Standard
Battery:Rechargeable, 3.7V,1000mAh
Battery life:Up to 72 to 240 hours under normal usage
Sensor:Motion & Vibration sensors
Hardware:Built-in Microphone& Speaker
SIMcard slot:Nano SIM card; ESIM card

Seek GPS PRO for Elderly
From: Original price was: $345.00.Current price is: $299.00.Select options