Medi Alarm Pro 4G

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Introducing the Medi Alarm Pro 4G II – your go-to for assured safety and serenity. Crafted in Australia for unmatched reliability and simplicity, this advanced gadget is your ally for immediate assistance whenever required. Perfect for individuals prone to falls or seeking personal security, it includes a lanyard, charger, and a clip for easy attachment to your attire, ensuring protection is always within reach.

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How It Works

If SOS button is pressed or fall detected the Medi Alarm will:

  • Call your choice of up to 8 contacts
  • Call your contacts one by one until someone answers
  • Sends a text message to each contact with GPS location

What’s in the box?

  • Medi Alarm Pro 4G II
  • Lanyard to wear around the neck
  • Belt Clip


  • 2-way, hands free, communication with crystal clear sound
  • Works anywhere, not just at home
  • Never worry about running out of credit for calls/texts!
  • We can program the device with your emergency contacts
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Automatic fall detection

Emergency Contacts

We can program your emergency contacts into the device before dispatch if you fill out the form that will be sent to your email after checkout. Alternatively, we can do this for you over the phone, after it arrives, by remotely accessing your Medi Alarm to update your emergency contacts.


No monitoring required, 24/7 Monitoring, paid Monthly (includes SIM) (+$50.00), 24/7 Monitoring, paid Yearly (includes SIM) (+$520.00)

Medi Alarm Pro 4G
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