2021 Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, Vibrating Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for Deaf and Hard of Hearing,Night Light,Snooze

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With super vibrating and super loud alarm clock, full-range dimming large display, 7-color lighting and battery backup, with bed rattle, digital vibrating alarm clock with dual USB chargers, suitable for hearing impaired and heavy sleepers

[Wake up by alarm clock] We designed this 3 alarm clock modes: only use the power bed to rattle or loud buzzer or both to make it wake up perfectly. Ascent tool, severely smooth People who are deaf or have hearing loss. Just press the clearly marked “BUZZ/VIB” button to customize the alarm clock type, and the display will also display the corresponding information according to your different choices.

[Powerful wired vibration and] A 71-inch (about 180.3 cm) long power cord is connected to the bed rattle (vibrator), allowing you to put it under a mattress or pillow for extra comfort without disturbing Your partner or roommate. In addition to the dual USB charger port design, it can also conveniently charge mobile phones and other tablets at the same time.

[Large display with full range dimmer] Equipped with a 7-inch (about 17.8 cm) large display, even without glasses, you can easily see the blue numbers. The 0 – 100% full frequency dimmer allows you to set the brightness to completely dark at night to get a comfortable sleep or medium level to avoid eye irritation in the morning or at the highest level. It is better to see the time from the entire room There are only 3 settings.

[7 color night light] In addition to the upgraded wake-up function, it also provides 7 color night lights, which can also be used as bedside lights to take care of your baby at night or in ambient lights, and help you fall asleep by choosing the right color. Easily press the headlight button on the top to change the color and hold the button to turn it off.

[Adjustable alarm volume and big snooze] The design has 3 levels of adjustable alarm volume to meet the needs of different users. Whether combined with vibration or not, the loudest buzzer can wake you up in time, even for sleeping sleepers. When the alarm is off, touch the large “snooze” button to get an extra 9 minutes of sleep, and the wake-up call will continue until you press “Alarm Snooze” or “Off” to turn off the alarm for 24 hours or permanently turn off the alarm.

[Power socket with backup battery settings] Working under AC power (input power 100-240V), 2 AAA backup batteries (not included) are only responsible for memorizing the time and alarm settings when the power fails. When the clock only uses the backup battery, the screen will go blank, but the alarm will still be triggered. The 12/24 hour time format can be switched according to your personal preference.

[Easy operation clock & ideal gift] With intuitive button layout, it is suitable for people who are not familiar with electronic products and can easily operate it. With updated features, such as vibration, dual USB charging, full-frequency dimmer, etc., this alarm clock can satisfy all families and is also a perfect gift choice.

1. Function: LED display, 12/24 hour conversion, snooze, alarm clock, dual USB output, time memory, automatic dimming of the display, seven-color night light, three-level volume adjustment, wake-up with vibration, type-c input

2. Compatibility: compatible with iphone and android mobile phone charging

3. Brightness: automatic adjustment of the brightness of the display screen, the stronger the ambient light, the brighter the display brightness; the weaker the ambient light, the darker the display brightness (automatically adjust according to the light and darkness of the environment, intelligent function).

4. Memory function: Use 2 AAA backup batteries to supply power. When the external power supply is cut off, the time and various settings are kept unchanged. After the external power supply is cut off, the time is not displayed, so as to avoid repeating the settings next time. (Without battery)

5. Power supply mode: 5V2A

6. Regular packing list: alarm clock x1+adapter x1+vibrator x1+USB to DC cable x1+instruction x1


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