Get alerts of vehicles approaching from behind


The Garmin Varia RTL515 (with tail light) and Garmin Varia RVR313 (without tail light) rear-facing radar provide audible and visual alerts to users about vehicles approaching from up to 140 meters away.


Adding greater peace of mind with

RIDE WITH GPS compatibility.

Color coded alerts

Green – you’re all clear, Yellow – a vehicle is approaching, Red –  a vehicle approaching quickly and you should take caution.

Rearview Radar

Reliable rearview radar lets you ride like you know what’s coming.

Multiple display

One radar. Multiple display options. Pair it with your compatible Garmin device, your phone or both.

Varia™ App

The Varia™ app has you covered if you’re using your phone as a primary or backup display.

Greater visibility

Shine brighter. Daylight visibility lets approaching vehicles see you from up to a mile away.

Easy handle

It’s small, it’s easy to mount, and it works with just about any bike.

Reliable Battery

Get more life out of your radar with up to 16 hours of battery life in day flash mode.

start riding with peace of mind.